How do I book?

We have a page on our website dedicated to explaining the ways that you can book which you can find here.

Essentially there are two methods - directly through our own booking engine, or via our quote form which means we do the searching for you, present you with a proposal and you choose from that. Super simple! 

What can I book?

You can literally book anything and everything that fits under the 'travel umbrella'. From flights and car rental to hotels and cruises. We even cover the likes of buying travel insurance. Complete our booking form and if there is anything you are unsure of then e-mail us directly at hello@pjtravelcompany.com with the subject title; Booking Query.

How long will it take to get a quote back?

Once we have received all of your details, we will get in touch to let you know we have received your booking form. At this stage we may get in touch to ask any questions should we be unsure of your answers. We do our best to get a quote and proposal back to you within 72 hours, however given the current travel guidelines, and some of our suppliers still working on skeleton staff, there may be a short delay.  In any case we will keep you updated and informed throughout the process. 

How do I pay?

We will send a credit card authorisation form out for you to complete. This is to ensure we have permission to take payment on your behalf. All payments are otherwise taken over the phone with your card details. Payments go directly to InteleTravel or the end supplier depending on what you're booking. We do not receive any money into our own bank accounts. 

Why do I have to register my e-mail address on your booking engine?

Our booking engine is a partial public facing replica of our back office system, which means this system will give you access to the rates we get as agents. As a travel agent we have had to pay for and register ourselves to get our IATA number. By offering you access to our back office system it means you're getting some of that same access that we get absolutely FREE. In order to minimise the extent to which you can access these rates InteleTravel ask everyone to register their e-mail address before accessing this information. The only required fields are your name, email address and a password for you to access our site again in future. Equally it means that you are then partnered with us as your travel agents which helps us manage your booking once it's made. 

What do you get out of our bookings?

We get the satisfaction that we have helped other people achieve their dream holidays for less money. Whilst we aren't always able to guarantee a cheaper holiday, more often than not this is the case which means you're still booking the SAME holiday you planned to, but for considerably less. In doing so we do receive a small percentage of commission. This is how we make our money. But don't worry, this commission is already built into the price and is unavoidable. It is there regardless of whether you book with us, another agent or another booking engine. You aren't paying any more by booking with us.

How are you able to get such competitive rates?

As a travel agent we have a registered IATA number which means this is the global recognition that we are a travel agent. This alone is enough to get us more competitive rates directly with hotels. Equally our commission percentage is considerably lower than those of other online booking engines which means overall your saving is more.

What experience do you have?

Much of what we have learnt has been from our extensive training as well as personal travel experience. We have had to pass tests and put in many hours of training to be qualified to book your holidays. Equally we have done additional training to specialise in certain destinations, booking systems with our many partners, as well as specific travel types such as destination weddings or honeymoons.  We have broadened our knowledge through our personal experience travelling the world. We have seen many places between us, which in itself means we have the knowledge of countries that we can pass on to you before you make any decisions. Not only this but during the course of our careers we have booked travel on small and large scales. Emma has had to book some of the most complex itineraries and bookings for children with critical illnesses which is no small feat in itself. 


Why did you decide to be a travel agent?

Travel has always been a passion for both of us, this partnered with an incredible opportunity meant that we were able to combine both our personal love for travel with a business that allowed us to make money from doing so. Equally we have been able to partner this new business with our existing Virtual Assistant business, by booking travel for clients at much better rates. 

Why should we book with you over a more recognised booking site?

Understandably you might be nervous about booking with us over a well known or recognisable booking agent, but we can assure you that we are just as qualified as the next person. We have a whole page dedicated to why you SHOULD book with us which gives you a number of reasons to consider. Namely we can save you time, stress and most of all money on booking the exact same places you would by doing it yourself. Whilst we are just in our infancy, our host travel agency has over 25 years in the industry - this makes them JUST as reputable as the likes of other booking engines. 

What happens once we've booked?

Once you've booked you will receive full confirmations as you usually would. Before departing for your holiday you will receive a welcome and departure pack from us with printed copies of absolutely everything you need to ensure your holiday or business trip runs smoothly. Included in this will be full flight, accommodation, car rental and excursion details - as appropriate. We will also include suggested itineraries or destination information such as currency, time difference, flight times and a long weather forecast for your holiday dates.

What if we have issues whilst on holiday?

Our first suggestion would be to speak to the reception team directly if you're experiencing issues at your hotel. Likewise with flights, your best bet would be to speak to any airline operatives at the airport in the first instance. As they are on the ground they are in the best position to help you or work through any issues you might be experiencing. In any case, we will be contactable and our details will be included in your departure pack should you have any serious problems. We are supported by a 24/7 support team who we can also escalate any issues too should it be necessary. We want to ensure you have an enjoyable holiday and will do everything we can to minimise the chance of experiencing any problems. Equally please bear in mind that there may be some things that are out of our control. In any case we are available and will do what we can to help you should the situation arise.

How are we protected?

InteleTravel are proud members of ABTA which means you are protected in the event that InteleTravel goes out of business. ABTA and ABTA Members help holidaymakers get the most from their travel and assist them when things do not go according to plan. We are obliged to maintain a high standard of service to you by ABTA's Code of Conduct. In real terms it means ABTA provide protection for non-flight based holidays, linked travel arrangements and monies paid to travel agents. ABTA ensures that all of its members properly protect their package holidays, as required by law. Packages including a flight should be covered by ATOL. Whilst InteleTravel does not hold an ATOL licence at this stage, we only book flights through our ATOL protected suppliers to ensure you get that protection. We can provide an ATOL certificate for these occasions.  Packages not including a flight are covered by ABTA bonding which means you will be entitled to a refund. If you are abroad, your transport home will be covered. The key difference to note is that ATOL-protected holidays are package holidays that include flights. ABTA protection only covers holidays that involve accommodation, rail, cruise or self-drive but not package breaks where flights are included. In any case it is always best to get travel insurance which we can help with or similarly pay on a credit card which gives you a degree of protection too. For any questions or concerns regarding protection do get in touch at hello@pjtravelcompany.com with the subject title;  Holiday Protection.

For further information about ABTA, the Code of Conduct and the arbitration scheme available to you if you have a complaint, please visit www.abta.com

If our holiday is cancelled can we still get a refund?

With any holiday you should always look at the cancellation terms before agreeing to pay. We will always share these with you before you make a decision. Any refunds based on cancellations are down to individual hotel, supplier or airline policies so should be considered first. Of course we will always flag to you if you're booking a non-refundable holiday and will ask you to sign a waiver acknowledging this. In the event of a cancellation and therefore refund being due, we will help you through this process and where necessary direct you to our InteleTravel support team.

I'm looking to book a holiday, what is the current situation with regards to COVID-19?

As with any travel company, we are completely bound by government restrictions. That's not to say you can't go and book a holiday. We will always advise that you check the Foreign Commonwealth website for the latest advice and it's important to look at the procedures in place for your destination, especially surrounding quarantine practices. The travel industry has started to see a significant rise in holiday bookings over the last few months so it's definitely possible. We will of course help you as best we can to book your holiday for this year, or next, or even beyond, but please do read up on the latest travel advice before making a commitment. Please also bear in mind that many hotels are still operating on skeleton staff so our response times may be slower in getting you a quote. 

How will Brexit affect my holiday?

We are working on a resources page for our website which will cover things like this. We understand that some of our customers might be anxious to know how Brexit could affect their future holidays in Europe. As of 31st  January 2020 the UK has entered a 'Transition Period' with the EU, as a result of this everything will remain the same and you can travel as you do now until at least the end of December 2020.  European Health Cards are still valid during this transition period, although we would always recommend taking out additional travel insurance. There are also no changes to passport requirements at this stage but as always you should ensure these are valid for the entire length of your trip. In any case you should always ensure your passport has at least 6 months validity when travelling.